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Neitzsche and Islam

Right, I am going to try and keep this as simple as possible. The main reason (which will become apparent soon enough) is that I am not a philosopher, although I do enjoy their readings a great deal. There was no intention in my daylog to get any sort of a response, it was just something that spontaneously burst forth after my little awakening and I felt that I should share it with someone, and the cold hard screen in front of me at the time seemed closest. But I am getting ahead of myself, beginnings are a time of great care that balances are observed, and this is no exception. That Nietzsche is seen by the vast majority of his readers as a nihilist is true, however this is a rather sad state of affairs for someone who tried his very best to elevate the condition of man beyond nihilism, and as such his only connection with nihilism is that he uses it as a base from which to work upon. In this and in other places he shares a great deal with Islam. The tenets of Islam reject conve

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